Cathryn KroNHamn


For Cathryn, it’s all about the big picture. We’re talking top-class big idea, solid consumer behaviour analysis and water-tight strategy together to form rip roaring, all guns blazing, genuinely impressive campaigns.

Before moving to Brighton, Cathryn wore power suits at a range of top London ad agencies, where she worked her magic on national and global brands such as The Guardian, Eurotunnel, Morgan Stanley, News International and Virgin.


Rose French


The yin to Cathryn’s big picture yang, Rose is all about the details. Having worked for and headed up a variety of agencies over the past 13 years, she’s what you’d call the ultimate Project Manager. Nothing leaves the agency without Rose’s stamp of approval, which ensures the brief has been answered, client objectives have been met, ‘I’s are dotted and ‘T’s are crossed. 

Over the years Rose has managed and created successful projects and integrated campaigns for esteemed brands such as BBC Worldwide, Marks & Spencer, TUI.



Kim Shaylor

Production Manager

If Kim went on Mastermind, her specialist subject would be ‘Printing Processes of the 21st Century’. Having worked hard to build strong relationships with suppliers over the past 14 years, Kim knows all there is to know about negotiating and buying print for our clients.

She is comfortable managing the whole production process from start to finish – everything from stock selection and approval of mock-ups and proofs, to final step press passing.


David Richardson

Business Development

David is the nice guy. With 16 years in developing business for marketing agencies he is an experienced new business professional, working across a wide variety of sectors including publishing, retail, travel, finance and IT.

He's here to make sure your work is going to plan and is very happy to discuss how we can do more to develop long term partnerships with clients. If you see him at networking events he's incredibly tall.


Maddie Sinclair

Head of Words  

Maddie is our Head of Words… mainly because she always has a… er… head full of words. She is our lady in the know when it comes to copywriting, copy editing and proofreading, and can often be found with a red pen behind her ear in case she needs to pounce on a misplaced apostrophe.

Maddie has 16 years of experience in the marketing industry, having worked for advertising agencies in London, Brighton, Sydney and Canberra.